Porta-Bote is a completely collapsible watercraft that transforms from surfboard dimensions into full a fledged boat. Boats come in all sizes, shapes, and sizes, but among all the portable watercrafts available today, nothing quite compares to the Porta-Bote. This unique, one of a kind boat folds up to a surfboard size and become a fully functional row or powerboat on the water when fully expanded. Porta-Bote delivers respectable hydrodynamics, solid stability, and most of all is extremely portable.

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This new innovative boat now has a wide beam for much more stability, and it has the ability to mount an electric or gas powered motor. This brings the Porta-Bote to a whole new level in terms of application and of course the ability to fish from it.

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The Porta-Botes are designed to fit the needs of many types of outdoorsmen by providing accessories per application. For anglers there are a few items that are worth mentioning such as the bow trolling motor mount, oars, sun top, and the dolly for easy transportation.

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The stability of the Porta-Bote Genesis is actually quite impressive on the water. Because only the bow section has a deep V, the rest of the boat is fairly flat with a beam of 5 feet across. The wide beam gives the watercraft much more surface area to float on and provides the stability, welcomed especially when standing up and tossing lures.

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Because the hull is constructed out of a copolymer Polypropylene, it takes impact from waves and wakes from other boaters very well. The Flexi-hull absorbs the impact softy, minimizing any roll or instability you might feel such as in an aluminum boat. The design results in an easier and more comfortable ride (no pounding waves like a stiff hull) and the feel of stability as you move about the water.

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How safe is the Porta-Bote? Virtually unsinkable, explains Sandy Kaye, CEO of Porta-Bote. The Porta-Bote has been designed to stay afloat and leveled even when filled with water. Polypropylene alone is already buoyant, and with the addition of the inner-side foam material and hollow seats plus transom allows even greater floatation. For anglers who don't like to fish on inflatables fearing they will get a hook in it, the Porta-Bote will not have this problem. In addition to the boat being unsinkable, its stability is good. You can fish standing up and feel completely safe in both calm and open waters.

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Ten Year Warranty

Warranty: Not many boats, especially portable ones, come with such a advantageous warranty like the one Porta-Bote offers. Because this boat is extremely durable and the Polypropylene is virtually bulletproof, Porta-Bote provides a 10 year limited warranty on the hull and hinge.

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