Porta-Bote Ontario

Porta-Bote Ontario


 Porta-Bote is an unique Hi-Performance foldable boat. Porta-Bote hull folds to four inches flat, weighs only 69 pounds, can be strapped atop a car like a surfboard, fastened to the side of a van or motor home, lashed on top of a camping trailer or attached to the struts of a pontoon plane. Yet, it's full 12 feet long (also comes in 8 & 10 & 14-foot lengths), has a 60" beam and 24 inch depth amidships, and will handle an outboard motor. Its hull (made of polypropylene) impervious to salt water is incredibly tough. It turns quick and it rows beautifully, with oars that clamp to the oarlocks so you can drop them to cast, that break in the middle for packing, and are foam filled to float. Porta-bote is comfortable for sitting in, roomy for moving around and steadies enough for stand-up casting.

Porta-Bote is ideal for fishing, hunting, sailing, and rescue. Since it floats in just four inches of water, it launches as easily from shore as it does from the dock. Its shallow-water abilities allow it to reach those hard-to get-to places. And, its durable bottom is strong enough to ward off sharp submerged rocks or tree limbs. Add a small outboard motor and Porta-Bote will whisk you away to your favorite fishing spot at speeds up to 20 mph.

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