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ITX Global Group headquartered in Ontario Canada., the International representative office for Porta-Botes in Ontario Canada and taking care of sales and marketing for Middle East, North Africa, Oceanic state, Central & South America, Indian Sub, parts of CIS, Europe and parts of South East Asia.

Porta-Bote History
: After a very successful career in the publishing field, Porta-Bote's CEO Sandy Kaye bought the rights of the folding boat design in 1973 and have driven the business by redesigning the boat to be more efficient, introducing new accessories, and much more. The Porta-Bote design was actually created in 1969 by Sandy's friend. The original concept was a good one, but unfortunately the first design didn't interest many outdoor enthusiasts. A little re-engineering by the man himself and the Porta-Bote had the right design and features to garner worldwide sales.

The Design: In 1969 the Porta-Bote was born. The portability concept was always there, but the overall hull design and shape was somewhat different. The "original" watercraft was a double ended boat, where there was no bow and stern, just two bows.  In this design, the folding boat didn't have good stability as there was less surface area that supported the boat. Soon after Sandy took over the business, a redesign was put in place immediately. Sandy re-engineered the Porta-Bote as we see today, having a bow and a stern.  The new innovative boat now has a wide beam for much stability, and it has the ability to mount an electric or gas powered motor, bringing the Porta-Bote to a whole new level in terms of application and of course the ability to fish from it.

About Porta-Bote International: For over 40 years Porta-Bote has produced folding, portable small boats with space age engineered resin hull and hinges. The resin is truly space age engineered, as it was first used by NASA. Porta-Bote holds hundreds of patents on the use of this resin in boating related products. Their quality control over every boat is at the highest level in their industry. In Japan a drop test is used to ensure quality. Porta-Bote passes drop-tests of 600 lbs. of weight and a 21 foot drop by the JCI (Japanese Coast Guard) every its been tested. Porta-Bote International's boats are NMMA Certified (National Marine Manufacturers Association) and EU Certified (European Union). Over 40 Years in Production and over 100,000 boats in use worldwide.

Introduction of Porta-Bote Alpha 1 - 
Porta Bote Just Unveiled Its New Alpha 1 Series Folding Boat on the brink of Porta-Bote International's 40th anniversary the company launched its first new Porta-Bote in 20 years. The new Alpha hi-performance line takes technology of folding boats to a whole new level of excellence.

These new models, just as the previous Porta-Botes, meet Coast Guard maximum capacity requirements. All boats are NMMA and EU Certified. The co-polymer resin hull material is warranted by the manufacturer for 10 years and never needs painting. It also is unaffected by salt water damage. The performance hulls actually outperform similar sized aluminum craft and inflatables, and need only half the horsepower. A new, "Hi Tech deep keel-twin hydro-tunnel flexihull ® design" traps the bow wave and guides it under the boat which dramatically reduces drag and increases stability. The internationally patented fold-up "square back" and "folding transom features offer a more aesthetically appealing "classic nautical design" in a folding boat configuration.

Safety: How safe is the Porta-Bote?  Virtually unsinkable, explains Sandy Kaye, CEO of Porta-Bote.  The Porta-Bote has been designed to stay afloat and leveled even when filled with water.  Polypropylene alone is already buoyant, and with the addition of the inner-side foam material and hollow seats plus transom allows even greater floatation.  For anglers who don't like to fish on inflatables fearing they will get a hook in it, well, the Porta-Bote will not have this problem.  In addition to the boat being unsinkable, its stability is good and while we fished standing up, we felt completely safe in both calm and open waters.

Warranty: Not many boats, especially portable ones, come with such a advantageous warranty like the one Porta-Bote offers. Because this boat is extremely durable and the Polypropylene is virtually bulletproof, Porta-Bote provides a 10 year limited warranty on the hull and hinge.

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