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8' Porta-Bote Alpha 1..

Two bench seats and a wide 56" beam allows for comfortable seating with additional cargo space. Weight capacity is ..


10' Porta Bote Alpha 1..

10'8" Porta-bote fills the need for a little larger boat, but it is still very easy to handle and store.  Easy to ..


12' Porta Bote Alpha 1..

2'6" Porta-bote  has a wide 60" beam, 24" depth midship, and 3 bench seats.  This is the latest hi-performance li..


14' Porta Bote Alpha 1..

A full sized 4 seat Porta-Bote rated for 5 persons.Holds Up to 807 Pounds (367 kg).Accomodates an engine weight up ..



PortaDeck : Foredeck accessory with seat, cleats and rod rests The Porta-Bote UNIQUE BASS CASTING / FISHING DECK ..



  • Glady flag Matches the performance of an aluminium boat with far less noise and half the weight......... flag
  • Nicky flag Porta-Bote opens up a new boating experience... makes inflatables obsolete…... flag
  • Harbor And Shipping flag Oil Tanker Uses Foldable Boat for Tank Maintenance the coating process exposed Porta-Bote to solvents and epoxy resins and the boat was found unaffected by them.... flag
  • Tackle Tour Test flag Porta-Bote, a completely collapsible watercraft that transforms from surfboard dimensions into a full fledged boat.... flag
  • Trailer Life flag Porta-Bote is ideal for fishing. Since it floats in just four inches of water, it launches as easily from shore as it does from the dock. Its shallow-water abilities allow it to reach those hard-to get-to places.... flag
  • Greypond flag The 12ft Folding Porta-Bote may be one of the best all-around fishing and hunting boats made!... flag


  • Porta-Bote a completely collapsible watercraft
  • Boat Test
  • Harbour & Shipping Log
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